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PAINTBALL: sport treating stress and raises adrenaline

Paintball is a game of first place in the US in 1981. This is a game in which the participants compete in teams or independently with the aim of deletions of one or more opponents, hitting them and marking balls containing paint from paintball markers. The winner is the party or the player who reaches the goal first or last stay in the game. Paintball can be played on the outer surfaces and inside the buildings called paintball fields. Paintball is used in the United States, Canada and the UK as an addition to military training, and in some countries, sometimes in response to the rebellion and unrest. In the last 20 years of paintball has become one of the most extreme sports that are played in a natural environment and in 110 countries worldwide. It is estimated that paintball active game over 15 million people worldwide.
Paintball fans agree that it is developing a range of psychomotoric and intellectual abilities: strength, agility, speed and ability to cope with new situations. Paintball is an excellent remedy against the effects of stress. It is extremely fun and exciting sport which among other things showed extraordinary development of friendly relations between employees in companies. Worldwide paintball has become one of the most popular extreme sports nowadays.
Paintball takes place on the interior or exterior natural (mostly forest) or artificial terrain, to set obstacles.

Paintball basic package: protective suit, mask, 100 balls – 90.00 HRK per person
Paintball Central package: protective suit, mask and 200 paintballs – 130,00 HRK per person
Paintball big package: protective suit, mask, 300 balls – 160,00 HRK per person
Paintball maxi package: protective suit, mask, 400 balls – 190,00 HRK per person